Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year!!!

Sure hope it's better than the last one. Not that there was that much wrong with the old one. Just looking for better things ahead. I do hope to keep up with this blog a little better than I have with others in the past. Resolutions? No, just promises to myself to do better with the life I was given. We all get off-track at times and this past year seems like I stayed off the track more than on it. Hopefully this will change.
We had a wonderful Christmas, except that my oldest daughter was not with us. Her year for the inlaws Christmas. It was made better by the fact that none of us worried over a BIG dinner. We just got together with a small smorgasbord of snacks and it was so much simpler that way. No one was hid out in the kitchen working while everyone else was visiting.