Friday, April 23, 2010

Okay, don't know where my mojo is but it seems to have left the building AGAIN!
When I have my granddaughter here, I can think of all kinds of things I would like to do (craftwise, that is)but don't have the time. Then, when I don't have her or anything else that I must do, I proceed to clean out closets etc. Why? Because I can't get head wrapped around only one thing at a time. I have my daughter's birthday coming up and there is also Mother's Day and I can't get my head wrapped around ANYTHING. Oh, well, this sure isn't getting me there. Guess I will go surf the net for more ideas. Maybe next time I will have something to share...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

These are the Easter baskets and some cards that I have been working on.

An anniversary card for my daughter, Jeannette and her husband, Jerrod! May they have many more! Another of Paulo's designs.

This is the card I created for my grandson, Blayne's birthday! He informed me the other day when he stayed overnight with us that he loves trains so I found an image of Thomas the Train and preceded to make a cut file. Not the greatest but for a first try, I don't think it turned out half bad!

Okay, my first try with vinyl! I bought these plates on the clearance aisle at Wally World! They only had two left when I finally decided what I wanted to do with them so I will have to figure out something else for the oldest daughter! The cross is from a design by Paulo. And, the butterflies, I believe, are from Penny's design. Actually, I made Kaye, my oldest daughter, a glass block light with a cutout of Chococat on it for her birthday but I forgot to take a picture (which I often forget to do)before giving it to her. Maybe she will read this and send me a picture to include here.

Wow! Long time since I posted last!

But, I did get the desktop calendars done! Well, two of them anyway! Life just seems to keep getting in the way of my crafting! Or, at least, my blogging about it!