Friday, July 8, 2011

Added the white buffalo to Dan's truck. Whatcha think?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Half Way Thru the Year!

Holy Smokes! Here it is July and my last post was January. Not a very faithful blogger these days, am I? Really it's not that I haven't been busy. There's just lotsa other things taking up my time. I have been working on my crafting room(s). Seems I am always doing that. Never satified with the way things are arranged. Some day I WILL come upon the perfect setting. Until then, I will spend more time tidying up than actually creating. I go back there fully intent on working on a certain project and get sidetracked onto something else entirely.
Some of this can be blamed on my husband...he's trying to keep me busy. But, now, instead of the weekly trip to Walmart to "pick up a few things" we end up in town at Joann's or Michael's or both. These two rooms are stuffed to overflowing into the hallway and HE thinks I need more stuff! Oh, and of course there is a Dollar Tree by our Walmart so naturally that has become part of the weekly trip. Now, I am a MORNING person. Can you say rise and shine at 3 a.m.? So, by the time we return home, I am completely exhausted and no crafting gets done. Sometimes I just toss the bags into the first room and that's where they stay until the next creative whim hits me. Then, I HAVE to put things away and straighten the rooms before I can start crafting. Vicious cycle, isn't it?
ANYWAY, here are a few things that I have managed to work on lately. Enjoy!

This is a picture frame that I painted white then added foam flowers to it.

This picture frame was decoupaged with designer paper. The blank spot at the bottom will display a plaque for customizing

This is a small suitcase that I crackle painted then trimmed out with lace, flowers, butterflies and pearl trim. The plaque in the middle is an acrylic piece I made with UTEE embossing powder. I added a metallics word "grow" underneath and tied a bow to it.
And, this is Katie's birdhouse! Katie is my 3 year old granddaughter . She told me what she wanted on it and where. I think I having a budding crafter here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Long time!

Wow! It's been a long time since I wrote here. Not that I haven't been creating anything - just been busy and haven't remembered to take pictures of anything that I created. I had planned on creating my own version of Pillow Pets for my three grands. But, as luck would have it, my sewing machine ended up in the shop before I got those done. So, like everyone else, I went out and bought them. Blech! I did get some of my SIL's shirts and jackets for his business done. He was happy about that. I made some nice little gift baskets for the girls and their family. Of course, everyone got a new mug with the Snowman Soup attached.
I also got to finish my picture frame for the family. It is a large frame with an insert mat for several smaller pictures. I took paper mache letters, painted them white and then decopaged them with nature photo paper. I trimmed them in white and placed them on top of the frame. Eventually, this will all be part of a family history wall that I am working on.
Maybe I can add pictures later.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day!!!!

Okay, so this is my way to enjoy the Labor Day weekend! DH is out working on the yard and I've been busy in the "s"craproom again!

More hairbows for the Katiebug!

Also, finally worked some more with the wall hanging that I have been working on for a while now!

Funny, how I start something so simple, decide I don't like the way it is looking and leave it alone for a while and, all of a sudden, everything starts coming together just the way you want it to.  That's the way I work most of the time. Too many ideas and not enough time to see them thru. Oh, well, I will complete those UFOs sooner or later.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hayden's & Blaine's Stepstools

Okay, so I finally got the boys stepstools completed and then forgot to upload the pix. So, here they are...

And, while I am at it, here's the picture of the treasure box I completed last week as well.

This can be used for keeping all your little treasures in. Although you can't see in the photo, there is a liner in the lid made of tulle so this could be used for potpourri as well as a keeper of jewelry or hairbows, etc. Just a nice place to keep all those mementos in. It is a paper box with two coats of white acrylic paint on it. Then, I added a ruffle of tulle on the lid. I wrapped that in a wide grosgrain lavendar ribbon band with the narrower satin lavendar ribbon on top of that. And, yes, those are "some" of the roses I have been busy making lately. I still have two of these to work on. Then, it is on to the wooden boxes, cards, candle jars, keepsake name plates and other items I have "planned" to complete in the near future.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Katiebug's Step Stool

Went to Target last weekend and came across these little plastic step stools ($2.50) for kids. They were very plain but I knew that with my cricut, I could improve them. Whatcha think?
So, while I was in a mood for creating, I also worked on a little sign for my scraproom.
That is the extent of my crafting for the last couple of weeks. Now, my daughter is on vacation, so I won't have my Katiebug with me this week. I am hoping to get a little more crafting done. We'll see??? Today, I am spending it catching up on housework so that I can concentrate on the "S"craproom the rest of the week.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

From this...

Okay, so I started out staring at this empty vase...
What can I do with this?

And, this is what came outta that...

A little thank you gift made for three tealight candles, a hummingbird vase made with rub-ons bought at Canton Trade Days last month, an ocean themed birthday card for Jerrod's birthday (seahorse and shells are made from recycled soda cans), a birthday card for Hayden's 5th birthday and a notepad holder for me. See, I do create a little more than ever gets posted on here. And, now I am re-teaching myself to make flowers and other embellishments so we will see what comes next...