Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hayden's & Blaine's Stepstools

Okay, so I finally got the boys stepstools completed and then forgot to upload the pix. So, here they are...

And, while I am at it, here's the picture of the treasure box I completed last week as well.

This can be used for keeping all your little treasures in. Although you can't see in the photo, there is a liner in the lid made of tulle so this could be used for potpourri as well as a keeper of jewelry or hairbows, etc. Just a nice place to keep all those mementos in. It is a paper box with two coats of white acrylic paint on it. Then, I added a ruffle of tulle on the lid. I wrapped that in a wide grosgrain lavendar ribbon band with the narrower satin lavendar ribbon on top of that. And, yes, those are "some" of the roses I have been busy making lately. I still have two of these to work on. Then, it is on to the wooden boxes, cards, candle jars, keepsake name plates and other items I have "planned" to complete in the near future.


  1. very cute mom, great job!

  2. you've been busy! but i already knew that. :)